Thursday, October 21, 2010

I’m Still Alive

Some of you have written to ask where I’ve been, and if Zephyr and I are ok.  We are, but we are going through a rough patch this year.  I’m in the middle of a divorce, and there are some complications that have made life extremely stressful. 

Zephyr has pretty much been hanging out in the field since my last post… sometimes with various neighbors’ horses for company, and sometimes alone.  He probably wishes I would come spend time with him, but I just can’t.  I’ve lost my riding mojo, for one, and I also can’t stand to be home much. 

I’m not sure what I will do with him this winter… if anyone knows a REALLY responsible and REALLY experienced horse owner in the Bangor area who might like a free lease, please let me know.  I don’t know whether that’s the route I’ll take or not, but it might be a possibility if I found the right person.  He can and should be ridden all winter, and of course there would be no farrier expenses as he is barefoot and I would continue to trim his feet.

Enough of that.  Let’s see some pretty pictures.  :-)

July 2009:


After one of our very rare rides this summer (July 2010):


OH, I did go for a nice long ride in April 2010, over in Dixmont, with my friend Melissa (a fellow MMESAR (Mid-Maine Equestrian Search and Rescue) member).  Here are the pictures from that:

Rocky road, and happy bare feet!


This is what you see a lot of in Dixmont, Maine.  Though I believe we actually rode in 2-3 towns by the time we were done.  I think she was getting me back for the ride I took her on at my house!



We stopped at the convenience store a mile or two from Melissa’s house, and I went inside for snacks.  Zephyr stood like a ROCK for her, and didn’t even move when I came back and fed treats first to Peek-a-Boo and then to him.



Peek moved, not him… note that his feet are still in the same place:


That tongue is just a-goin… “Hey Mom, bring ME those snacks!!”


But he still just stood there, didn’t come mug me for them.


On the way home from the store, we had to race a storm.


I like the shadow in this picture:


This isn’t Zephyr.  This is the moose we saw on our way back from a MMESAR training session in somewhat-northern Maine.


This was taken in early March 2010, in Zephyr’s paddock at home.


This was taken in March 2009 but I love it so I’m posting it again.


Check out this over-stride at the trot!!


This is Zephyr and the Peek-A-Bus sharing Peek’s trailer on the way to the beach in April 2010.  Their noses were even; their butts were not.  (Look at the floor, not the butts.)  Many laughs were shared over this one.  Now that I see this picture, I remember that I have a TON of other pictures from this trip, so I’ll post them as their own entry.


Can you find the poneh?


Here’s the poneh:


More awesome laying-down shots, from the field down the road this time:


“I’m not worried.  The black horses are standing watch.”


Shortly before twilight, on a different day after the cows moved home.  I was able to walk right up to him and cuddle for a while… I sure do love that……


He has a small grass paddock at home.  It’s fairly narrow and goes back to the tree-line in the background.


Anyone want a Myler Combo Bit?  Low-port mouthpiece, rawhide nose, biothane chin strap, 3-ring shank.  Retails new for $130, used 3x.  I’d like to get $100, but make me an offer!!


A rare late-May ride:


The new EZ-Fit Saddle and Thinline saddle pad left PERFECT sweat marks!


One heck of a shiny boy, on vacation at Melissa’s house while I house-sat in June 2010.


Running in October 2010, at the field down the road:


Bouncing back to June 2009, here he is in the field down the road from home.  I love the rays of sunshine in the camera lens.


Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Just know that I’m doing ok, and so is Zephyr.  We’d love it if y’all would write from time to time… I’ll read your notes to him.  ;-)


  1. I love riding out in Dixmont, there are so many trails out there! Hope next year goes a little better for you.

  2. Great pics! Sorry to hear about your divorce - it's incredibly tough. It'll be worth it though :-/

  3. You need to get your ass back in the saddle. You and Z can come live with us! No need to trailer to Dixmont--it's right down the road! He'd love being the dude filling in a mare sandwich!

  4. Sorry to hear of your troubles ... I had wondered why you weren't posting.