Tuesday, April 14, 2009

D'OH! Holy huge feet!!

When I got home from riding tonight, I tried (again) to put Z's new easyboots on. I was thrilled to have found a great deal on them and I wanted to be able to USE them!

They're the same size that I've always used as a "spare tire" out on the trail... size 0... but even after rasping his edges down to nearly-freshly-trimmed he's still wasn't fitting into the boot. So I flipped it upside down and compared the bottom of the boot to the bottom of his hoof................ and lo and behold, they were the same! There is no way his foot will fit in there.

So I measured. 4.75x5.25". Looking at the easyboot sizing chart, he now needs a SIZE TWO!!! Um, holy hannah, he got two sizes bigger over the winter????????????? Sanity check. What have I been feeding this boy?????????? Sheesh!

Edited a couple days later... turns out the boot I have is from before 2005 when Easycare changed their sizing charts. I have an OLD size 0, and the NEW size 0s are much smaller. D'OH is right! I did try to put the old 0 on last night but it didn't slide right on. Will fight with it some more tonight... might still fit, might not. If it does, I have a lead on some old 0s for cheap, and I'll probably buy those.

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  1. Try a 1 on first. I don't think you'd keep a size 2 on a 4.75" wide hoof. Chief fits into a size 1 and his feet are 5" wide.