Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tax Reform

Sorry, this isn't horse related, but I found a nugget of PURE GOLD buried in a news article today.

A partial quote: "The GOP plan also proposes major changes to the tax code. It would allow taxpayers to either file under the current system or choose a simpler option: Individuals earning $50,000 or less, and couples earning $100,000 or less, would be taxed at 10 percent. The rate for income above $100,000 would be 25 percent. Republicans say they would allow taxpayers to fill out their income taxes on an index card. "

Now THAT is the smartest idea I've heard for an economic stimulus plan in a long while. Of course, we'd also have to curtail spending, but that needs to happen anyway. You truly cannot get rid of a debt problem by spending more money!

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