Friday, May 15, 2009

Aegis Aspen Helmet Review

P5130422 I fell off and hit my head last week, so I had to replace my old-style Tipperary helmet.  Good thing I had already done my research and found that the Tipp Plus wasn't going to fit the same, but the Aegis Aspen probably would... I already knew what I wanted to replace it with.

State Line was the only place that had them in stock, so even though it cost a bit more I ordered from them.  Got it last night and am posting this review in the hope that it will help someone else.

P5130421It is the first time I have ever taken a helmet out of the box and said "Oh wow, that is freaking ADORABLE!"  It really IS as low-profile as the sales picture makes it look.  The pictures we took aren’t the best… there’s a shadow on the wall that makes it look odd, and I think it’s on crooked.  Oh well.

It's very lightweight too.  The lining inside is UBER comfy.  I swear, my head practically sighed in pleasure when I put this helmet on.  I didn't want to take it off!

The dial on the back seems like it would make it fit both round and oval heads... which explains why I got replies from both round- and oval-headed people who all said it fit them well.  I really love how easy it's going to be to wear an ear band in the winter without having to switch the foam padding out for a thinner piece.

Unlike the old Tipp, the visor is removable, and it seems as if maybe it will be long enough to do the trick without taking it off and using the Salamander visor.  The visors on the old Tipp were so short they were useless.

The old Tipperary was AWFUL for wearing with sunglasses because of the way it came down around the back of the ears.  Everyone I talked to had the same complaint.  The Aspen seems like it will be a lot better, I put on my sunglasses with it and there was no interference at all, even though they're the kind that go almost straight back over the ears without much of a curve.

Finally, the vents don't have mesh in them, they have thin aluminum with holes in it... which seems like it will carry less risk of getting skewered by a low-hanging branch.

Edited on August 15 to add that, compared to any other helmet I’ve ever had, the matte finish on this helmet is much less forgiving when you accidentally spray bug spray on it.  It ends up looking like you rode down a highway on your head.  DO NOT get bug spray on it!!

Again... I hope this helps someone.

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  1. Very cool, I've been searching for a low profile helmet maybe I'll have to check yours out if you don't mind. With each head injury I get my needs seem to change as to what is comfortable and what puts pressure where! Maybe I should stop hitting my head huh?? ;)