Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trailer Guy

I'm so excited!  The trailer guy called.  One of the seals was leaking, so he cleaned everything up and replaced that seal, as well as all the other seals on the other wheels.  He hand-packed more grease into the bearings (said it didn't need to be cleaned out entirely and repacked from scratch), and checked the brake adjustments (which were fine).  The bill?  $50!!!!!!!!!!!!

He also replaced the running lights that were out, and fixed the bad ground that was making the running lights dim when I stepped on the brake.  That only took him 15 minutes, and he had to charge me an hour labor, so he went ahead and fixed the latch on the walk-through door, and also went out and bought me pull-cords and installed them on the three interior lights that it's hard for me to reach.  The bill for that part?  One hour's labor (which is $35) plus $29 in parts!!!

Did I also tell you he did the work a day early?  I love this guy.

He said he can do my exterior lights for one hour's labor, plus about $10 each for the lights.  I’m thinking a “porch” light under the awning, and a utility light over the rear tack door, and another utility light on the right side for checking on Zephyr at night.  I might go with a porch light there too though, because it wouldn’t be as bright.  We’ll see.

He also said he could add a shelf under the nose (over the spare tire) to hold a couple of marine (deep-cycle) batteries, and hook it up so that my interior lights work without the trailer being plugged into the truck (and so that the battery charges automatically off of the truck when it's running).  Not sure how much labor that would take, I think it was 1-2 hours.  He can buy the batteries and have me reimburse him, or I can go find myself a deal.

Roof vent for the dressing room?  No problem... super quick!  Same thing... he can find one for me, or I can shop around to get a deal.

He's on board with the idea of phasing out projects, doing everything with an eye to the future... for example installing the batteries in a place that leaves room for adding propane tanks later on.

Did I mention I love this guy??