Thursday, August 20, 2009

Refitting Gloves/Glue-Ons

On Sunday 8/16, I was horrified to see damage and bruising on the hairless part of the skin on Zephyr’s heels on his hind feet.  I couldn’t take pictures that night, but this is what they looked like the next morning.  I applied Equine Relief as soon as I saw the damage, and it looked SOOO much better in the morning!  Instead of raw soft skin, it looked like a nice dry/hard frog.  That’s what you see in the pictures below.  I couldn’t even see any bruising, even though it was obvious the night before.

I have no idea what caused it, it appeared overnight when he was spending his days hanging out with his cow/horse friends in the pasture down the road.  His last glue-ons were removed two weeks ago (on 8/2), otherwise I would have suspected the heels of the boots had been too tight.

Please forgive/ignore the mud on the bottom of his hooves that makes them look wonky.









EasyCare was about to send me a set of the new EasyBoot Gloves with the prototype gaiters, and I needed to double-check sizes.  He’s been wearing size 1s on his hind feet, but due to the bruising/damage I was considering whether he should bump up to 1.5s instead.  So on 8/19 I trimmed his hind feet in preparation for a fresh fitting.

Here’s both hooves after their trim.  I’m still relatively new at this, so feedback from knowledgeable professionals is welcome!  Looking at these pictures though, YES, I can see that his toes are creeping forward; it’s especially obvious on the left hind.

LEFT HIND: Farrier trim on left (photo taken in early June), and my trim on right (I’ve been trimming him since the June photos).










RIGHT HIND: Farrier trim on left, my trim on right.

rt-hind-farriertrim P8180763








Here’s his right hind hoof in a size 1.  The left-hand photo is the original version of the Glove, in June after the farrier removed his shoes and trimmed him, and the right-hand photo is the new thick-toe Glove.  (I realize his hair looks brown in the new photo, but it was just the lighting and the dirty leg!)  I don’t know if his hoof got bigger in addition to the toe getting longer, or if the thicker-toe version is also less stretchy, but it definitely fits differently.  His hoof doesn’t go all the way in.









And here’s the same hoof in a size 1.5.  Again... farrier trim photo is on the left. 









One last photo... right front hoof... wish there was more concavity, but I suspect there may be a lot of dead sole there.








My conclusion... it’s clear that his hooves are all a little longer than they were when I first did the fit kit.  I keep trying to get the hoof wall even with the sole, but when I do, he’s really ouchy on any kind of rocks or pebbles.  He may just need some hoof wall!  I’ll continue to take pictures and compare them as I go along.


  1. have you been measuring toe length and the hoof angles? I recommend doing that. Get some index cards and write down everytime so that in a year you can see what has changed and how things evolved over time. You should be able to pick up the tools you need at a farrier supply store in your area, or order online.

    Bruising often takea awhile to show up; what you are seeing now has probably been there and just now reached the surface making it visible.

  2. check out that page and go through all of the links on the left, especially the "do trim" one. That should help give you some ideas of where to get started correcting some of your hoof issues. You've got some flaring and maybe some other areas to work on. These things can take time so be patient. I don't recommend the TFTT when you are needing to do more than basic maintenance. At least, it didn't work that well for my horses but I also am influenced by a traditional farrier (husband) and we manage to meet in the middle. Good luck!

  3. That's my favorite website. I fully recognize that my problems stem from not having enough time to work on them each time, not measuring and comparing angles, and not taking pictures each time. When I'm able to devote the time and attention to it, I actually think I do a really good job! (I can't TFTT right now, I lost my hoof stand. HOW DOES ONE LOSE A HOOF STAND???)