Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Guess I’m a “Nerd With a Herd”, Too!

Except I only have one horse, not a herd.  This month’s Endurance News contains an article written by Tamara Baysinger, in which she explains the spreadsheet she created for converting miles/hour to minutes/mile and also converting minutes to hours.  I can’t believe I hadn’t already done this... what a fabulous idea!  If my crew uses this new spreadsheet in combination with the loop timing spreadsheet I’ve already done for the Pine Tree 100, I don’t think there’s any possible way I’ll undergo the same sort of “Time Warp” sensation I had at the Vermont 100!  If we don’t make it to the finish line, it won’t be from lack of planning.  NO, I am not going to OVER think it.  I just need to be able to keep perspective even when I’m dead tired and can’t think straight. 

I’ve uploaded a file to the 100-milers Yahoo Group... the first tab has my planned timing spreadsheet for the Pine Tree 100, and my version of Tamara’s spreadsheet is on the second tab.  I’ve adapted it for my crew’s and my ease of use, and highlighted various parts of it that apply to the particular loops.

Speaking of my crew... I found a couple of awesome documents online courtesy of Patti Stedman, which I’m going to modify for my own crew.  Doc 1  Doc 2  Thanks for posting them, Patti!

If the links above don’t work, I apologize.  I’m hoping they’ll be accessible even if you’re not a member of the Yahoo Group.

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