Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Orange is a Good Color Too!

P6100498Last Wednesday I took Zephyr for a short ride at the Wildlands.  He had just gotten his shoes pulled on Monday in preparation for switching to Easyboot Gloves, so I planned to take it easy on the gravel roads.  He was tender enough that we ended up just walking the entire time, and I even got off and walked the last mile back to the trailer myself.  His Gloves are arriving tonight, so we’ll get almost two weeks to test them.  If they don’t end up working out, I’ll have him re-shod right before the ride.

I put the Myler Combination Bit on his new orange bridle P6100499that we got for the mounted search and rescue unit.  I want to test it out some more before I decide whether it will or won’t work for the first couple loops of an endurance ride.  At Crooked River he just seemed ticked off by the bit, but maybe I hadn’t spent enough time riding him in it.  Anyway... orange looks good on him, I think!  Just after I took the picture above, he yawned and I accidentally pushed the button again as I lowered the camera.  I think it came out kinda cool, if a bit dizzying!

And here’s the view along the way:



  1. OOOOOhhhhh what trail/road is that? It doesn't look like any that we were on last weekend!!

  2. I think orange is an excellent color on him! BTW beautiful trail.

  3. I was catching up on some old posts and saw this one. I really like the orange on your boy!