Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Test Ride in EasyBoot Gloves

P6150501 When I got home tonight I had just enough time to go get Zephyr from his pasture, eat my dinner, and get dressed to ride, before the UPS man came with my EasyBoot Gloves.

Because time was getting short and I needed to get at least a short ride in, I skipped installing the Power Straps and just headed out to tack up. I brought along the athletic tape to try the method the Aussie boot users are using, but found that even the recommended 2-3 wraps was too much to fit the boot on. Maybe after a fresh trim, but not with a week's growth and brand-new un-stretched-out boots.

Seems like they should velcro together more directly, less in a V:


Next time someone admires Zephyr's mane, I'll be sure and send them THIS picture. (Click to enlarge.)  UGH...........


Zephyr's new reflective leg wraps.  I really like them, they wash up easy after getting muddy, and they’re CHEAP CHEAP so I can just buy more if he loses them.  I do think I’ll trim off the extra length that gets “underlapped” when you put it on tightly enough.


The cedar swamp up the road... best boot-sucking mud I could find.


Here’s a video of us going through the mud hole.  Sorry about the loud bells, I wasn’t planning to take a video when I left the house.  You can still hear the boot sucking mud sounds though, especially about :50 in.

Zephyr's post-mud hooves with boots (front first, then hind). All boots stayed on perfectly.








  1. hahahahaha purple monkey butt!!! You're too funny!! Anyway! Glad the boots stayed on, is there anyway that the straps will stretch and go together better?

  2. I don't think so, they're the same gaiters the Bares had and those didn't stretch over time. I wish I remembered if they attached the same way... but I don't!

  3. I think they have to come together in a V. The coronet area is wider than the fetlock, so the bottom of the straps has to cover more area than the top of the straps. Am I making sense at all? If you velcroed them together in a straight line, you'd have gaps at the top because of the leg anatomy.

    I dunno if I'm the only one, but I can't see his mane disaster! I feel like my horse's mane is constantly a very visible disaster, so I'd love to see another long tangled mane. :)

  4. Funder, the hind boots' gaiters don't come together in a V like that, but then his pasterns are thicker back there. Regarding his mane... did you click to enlarge the picture?

  5. It just wasn't showing up before! At least I can see it now - argh, you poor thing. Lots of showsheen and patience for that, I'm sure.

  6. Hi there I am new to this site. Just got a pair of Easy boot Glove too for my 20 year old gelding. He was very tendy on gravel because of always being shod. He is so much better with the boots. It's not the same horse. Anyways, yesterday my friend rode my horse and I saw that when he takes a step the boot kinda folds and opens up on the side a little. However, when I put it on it does not move or giggle at all. But watching him in motion I noticed this. Has anyone else seen this. He is wearing 2 different sizes because of an injury to one hock. I think I will try the smaller size on the other foot to see if it solves the problem. Might have to order another size 1.

  7. Anonymous, go here and ask the same question: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/hoofbootchat/?yguid=142167142 (You'll have to join first.) But my guess is that adding power straps (purchase on EasyCare's accessory page) will improve the fit for your gelding.

  8. Love the new leg reflectors. Thanks for the link - I'm going to have to pick some up. Good luck on the Vermont 100, I'm really looking forward to reading about it.

  9. Awesome report on the Gloves. I just started selling them. They are the greatest boots I have found so far, for comfort and price.

    Thank you for the video,

  10. i just came across this and i think you will need a new gater they are supose to fit straight and not in a V shape. you can actually buy them seperate i believe im getting a pair very soon and cant wait till spring to start rideing again.

  11. I'm looking for an easy boot to use on my 23 year old thoroughbred gelding for turn out. I'm considering these instead of having metal shoes on the hinds? Does anyone know if this will work. I am willing to place and remove everymorning, I'm just worried about hogfuel and small stickes getting in behind the heel bulbs and stuck in the boot. Do they fit rather snug in this area? Thanks in advance for any replies!

  12. Anon (Dec 27): Yes I did indicate that I know they should attach straight across. In more recent posts I have explained that once the gaiters stretch out, they do attach correctly.

    Anon (Mar 30): Why does your gelding need hind boots in turnout?? Why can't he just go barefoot behind? I can't imagine sticks getting in next to the heel bulbs, but I don't know what 'hogfuel' is. They fit snugly all over, so much so that you would need to do a touchup trim every week or two. Honestly my gelding is so hard on everything I would never use Gloves for turnout, he'd probably rip the gaiters and they're not cheap to replace.