Sunday, June 7, 2009

Zephyr’s First Day of School!

Well, that’s what it felt like anyway.  This morning, Gary and I finished up the fence tightening and got it turned on.  About 2:30 I walked Zephyr over there.  I walked him down to the pond and the stream so he’d know how to find water, then turned him loose and spanked his bum.  This was the only movement we saw for the next hour other than chewing!

As I said, this is all we saw after that.  I think it was at least 15 minutes before he even moved one hoof… and it truly was just one hoof, and only by a few inches!


He got to stay out for 5 hours.  When it came time to go collect him, I brought grain in the bucket he recognizes as the YUMMY BUCKET, but I didn’t really need it.  He’s accustomed to being collected from the electric pen in our front yard at twilight, so he was waiting at the front fence line.  What a good boy!

Tomorrow I’ll bring him over before work, and he’ll come home at 4 to have his shoes pulled, hooves trimmed, and be measured for Easyboot Gloves.  The “Fit Kit” came yesterday, so we’re all set to go.


  1. We rode at the wildlands yesterday and met up with a nice lady who uses those boots - didn't really look at them too closely it was neat to see them in person, I've only ever seen the ones with the cable clamps. :)

  2. I don't think I've EVER met up with another horse over there! :-p Well, ok, once when I was flagging the trail for the endurance ride I met up with the folks from TROT who were just starting out. They probably thought I'd "lost it"... both Zephyr and I had flagging draped all over us!